Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Marilyn Manson

Mr.Antichrist. Reverend Manson of the Church of Satan. Brian Hugh Warner. Marilyn Manson and his band of the same name are claimed as the one of the greatest influences on teens today. I have talked about this before, but would like to continue with a critique of the modern American people because they deserve it.

Warner's lyrics are often criticized to no end by the Christian right for condoning and encouraging violence. The Columbine Massacre and SuccessTech Academy Shooting have both been blamed, in part, on Warner's music. Personally, I see two possible purposes in Manson's work.

1-A satire such as would be found in a political cartoon. Warner points out some of the most controversial issues in our society and pokes at them. Why not just come out and say it? Did Jesus ever just preach straight? Half the time, Jesus used parables, which people today seem to have problems interpreting,to express his message and what should be done. Warner does nothing different. Admitted, he does make it a bit more difficult to figure these messages out, but the same ideas can still be arrived at. If viewed this way, then the solution, not the problem, is in Warner's music. Go rent the documentary Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore and watch it. Warner is the freakiest looking man interviewed in the entire movie. If you were too distracted by the outrageous makeup and clothing the first time, then re-watch it and close your eyes during the interview. Don't think about what the people look like. Just hear the words. Warner is now one of the most clear thinking people interviewed during the movie. In my opinion, he has the best answers to Moore's questions. He is a lot more level-headed than John Nichols, the gun-happy,paranoid redneck.

2-Warner actually does believe in what he preaches and does see it as a joke when people do stupid things because of what he sings about. If this is the case, then those who follow are just part of the joke and those who realize that it is a joke get to laugh at them.

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